Our Skin Barrier Function


The microbiome is the healthy bugs and body warriors that keep us healthy inside and outside. When people hear about bugs, the normal reaction is that they are gross, but they are actually really important to us. The microbiome is the family of bugs, the rainforest of diversity of micro-organisms that live on our body. More specifically these are bacteria, fungi, viruses and mites. It sounds unappealing, but they are really our good friends!


Microbiological Barrier

The bacteria of the skin microbiome have a crucial protective effect. It is our first cutaneous natural defence system.  The skin’s ecoflora consists of natural and beneficial microbial flora and it is perfectly symbiotic with the skin. It helps to strengthen and activate the skin’s immune system. As long as the skin has enough ecoflora, it is perfectly protected. However as soon as this balance weakens, discomfort and irritation can occur and damage can be caused. The skin’s ecoflora can become deficient when exposed to environmental pollution, temperature variation, stress, nutritional disorders or unsuitable and unadapted skin care routine, like the use of harsh cleansers.


Composed of 1.8 m2 of diverse habitats

There are many bugs on our skin surface, this layer is called the hydrolipidic film or microbiological barrier. It consists of skin microbiome, dirt, sweat, sebum and water and it is the first protective barrier for our skin. The skin is an ecosystem composed of 1.8 m2 of diverse habitats. Did you know there are more than 1 trillion bacteria on the skin and there are about 1000 different species. They vary by body parts based on the amount of light in the area, the precise pH level and other conditions such as climate, level of moisture, and whether it is hairy or smooth. 

keep our microbiome healthy

The skin complexion is glowing and radiant

When the skin microbiome is balanced, the skin complexion is glowing and radiant. The moisture is kept inside the skin and therefore, the skin feels soft and hydrated. But when the skin microbiome is disrupted for example when using harsh cleansers or poor diet, it can cause breakouts, acne, rosacea, eczema and random sensitivities. The stratum corneum is like a sponge, so like a sponge, when it is moist, it feels soft and is easily able to be made into different shapes. But when it is dry, it feels rough and is hard to make into any other shape at all. It is the same for the strum corneum, when it is hydrated, our skin feels soft, appears glowing and radiant, but when it is dry, the skin feels rough, tight and looks dull, and fine lines and wrinkles appear. So that is why we need to make sure our skin hydration level is maintained in a good condition.

What probiotic skincare can do for us

Working with your own skin microbiome

Every individual is different, we all have our own concerns, some people have dry skin with fine lines and wrinkles, some people have oily skin with breakouts, blackheads, acne, and some people have sensitive skin with rosacea or eczema. There are many different types of skincare in the market and they are designed for different skin types and purposes. By giving nutrients to your own microbiome, as a result the microbiome works on a natural way of cleansing, hydrating and and protecting your skin.

Our differences

Elissah Bio P2 products are designed to maintain a healthy skin microbiome and keep our skin barrier strong to protect us from environmental aggressors. We also use powerful Australian native plant actives to reduce damage from UVA & UVB light and to protect skin from free radicals and repair damaged skin. These actions cover from the first skin protection to the skin issue repair and stimulate cell renewal.