Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1:

Apply 5-6 drops of All-In-One Essence on the face and gently massage into clean skin, around the eye area and all over the face and neck.

Step 2:

Apply 3-4 pumps of Hydro Moisturiser on the hand and add 2-3 drops of Skin Barrier Oil to the moisturiser. Mix well and apply all over the face. This method will help active ingredients penetrate the skin better. Alternatively, the Hydro Moisturiser and Skin Barrier Oil can be used alone.

Use as treatment for mature and dry skin:

Step 1:

Apply generous amount of Skin Barrier Oil all over the face, then leave it on for 20-30 mins.

Step 2:

Use wet cotton pad to wipe of the excess oil then follow with All In One Essence and Hydro Moisturiser.

Our products are developed and formulated with postbiotics, prebiotics and Australian native plant extracts to provide optimal results.

Triple action effect:

Postbiotics - keep our skin microbiome healthy to enhance skin barrier function.

Prebiotics - promote beneficial bacteria and inhibit harmful bacteria.

Australian plant actives - protect against UVA and UVB damage and repair damaged skin.

Our products help to strengthen the skin barrier against environmental threats and also  reduces the factors that trigger skin sensitivities, redness and irritation. They enhance skin’s ability to become and stay properly hydrated. The skin immediately looks glowing and radiant.

Our products visibly improve signs of dryness, including any tight, uncomfortable feelings and also reduce the appearance of fine line and wrinkles.

Yes, as vitamin C, retinol and any peeling solutions are antiaging solutions to improve signs of aging, acne pores, skin whitening, etc. However, these active ingredients can be quite irritating. So it is important to make sure the skin is healthy and hydrated so that when using these products, the skin will feel less irritated and the results will be satisfied.

If your skin is extremely dry, you may experience a little tingling sensation as it contains a high level of humectant which helps to carry the actives into the deeper layer of the skin. When our skin is dry, it could have invisible cracks and when we apply the actives, it can cause a little bit of a tingling sensation.

The sensation should settle down in a couple of seconds and you shouldn't feel anything after a day or two as your skin will go back to its normal hydration level.

We uses postbiotics (probiotic metabolites) which are the bioactive compounds the probiotic bacteria produce when they consume prebiotics.

We don’t use live bacteria on the skin’s surface microbiome as we believe there is a much better, more advanced way. Our postbiotic and prebiotic ingredients work to calm the immune triggers in your skin which could be overstimulated by environmental aggressors such as pollution, stress and other factors.

Our products are vegan friendly and do not contain mineral oil, parabens, artificial colours or fragrances.

We don't claim that our products will treat or cure certain skin conditions, however, we have received many positive feedback from our customers with skin sensitivity, rosacea and eczema. Some customers have noticed their acne and black/white heads have lessened. Our products target and manage skin barrier function, restore natural acidic pH, promote beneficial skin microbiota to protect, restore and balance the skin.

We don't have small samples for you to try before purchasing. We are confident about our products and want you to enjoy it without hesitation. We provide a money back guarantee. For some reason if you are not happy with our products, you can contact us and send the products back and we will give you a full refund of your products.